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(Tiospaye means extended family)

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The High Star-Sun Eagle International Foundation for Peace Mission Statement


In establishing the High Star-Sun Eagle Peace Foundation, our mission is to participate in the creation of a peaceful world by promoting and supporting: 1) The High Star-Sun Eagle Sun Dance for Peace; 2) educational and ceremonial events and/or functions that support peace;  ...read more

The High Star-Sun Eagle International Sun Dance for Peace
01 - 2017 SUN DANCE02 -after_the_dance1_cropped

    Annual - July 15th through 22nd 2017.

Purification: Saturday through Tuesday, July 15th - 18th.

Tree Day: Tuesday July 18th.

Sun Dance: Wednesday through Saturday, July 19th - 22nd.

The healing round will be on Friday July 21st.

Downloadable PDF of all important Sun Dance Dates 2017-2021

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2017 Sun Dance Flyer

Sun Dance Information

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The First Dine' Sun Dance Songs by Sun Eagle Family & Friends


All proceeds go to High Star Sun Eagle International Foundation for Peace in support of the High Star Sun Eagle International Sun Dance for Peace.

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Don't miss our multimedia section.  A special video presentation by Howard, slideshows of our journey and our progress, and the beautiful Sun Dance flyers created for our dance each year.


To learn more about our Sun Dance we have a special section with guidelines for visitors as well as the Sun Dance Rules for dancers.  Also included in this section is a map to the Sun Dance Grounds.  Below are the links to those areas:


We are now 100% powered by wind. 

With all of our "wind" challenges at Red Valley each year,

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