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Howard Bad Hand

Currently, I am 57 years old (08-02-1948) living in Taos, NM since 9-30-86 with my family. I call what I do Intuitive Consulting, and have been doing it since 1982. On the side I have also been doing workshops and talks on the appreciation, understanding and performance of Lakota music worldwide along with my I Ching workshops. Since I started working as an intuitive consultant, I have been to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico to name a few places. I have also done phone readings on the I Ching touching nearly every country in the world and I feel blessed by that. I have taught semester length courses at the Naropa University on a few occasions, and have served as a technical consultant for a few movies including Into The West.



For the technical side of things, we have finished our movie in which I did a little bit of everything, talked, sang, ran the camera, recorded and edited the sound track, rerecorded, produced, and edited our cassette tapes and CDs as well as wrote articles and books.


Spiritually, I was given the blessing and initiation into the performance of ceremonies and rituals at my own altar through the blessing by Charlie Kills Enemy (he said he was instructed to do this) in acknowledgement of a healing lineage within my paternal family. So, at a thank you ceremony on my behalf performed by Charlie in Denver in 1979, the relationship with my altar and my spirit friends was firmly established. I was asked by James DuBray at the Fools Crow Sun Dance in 1983 to help him with healing and dealing with the Heyoka people in the center of the circle at the sun dance. In 1988, I was presented pipes by Albert White Hat and Duane Hollow Horn Bear to help them with their sun dance which I have done until this coming summer of 2006. In this summer, I have been asked by Homer White Lance to conduct his sun dance 9-16 July 2006 near St. Francis, SD, and I intend to run my own sun dance in Red Rock, AZ on 4-11 June 2006.


I am a fourth generation singer in my family, and have been that all of my life. I am a lover and not a warrior.


I have been a singer, a composer of sun dance songs, an announcer, a ritualist, healer and intercessor at many different sun dances since 1977. I have seen its revival and its evolution since 1966. I recently had a vision in which all of the medicine people I have encountered in my life were in an Inipi with me and they all told me to finish this dance. What this meant to me was that we must begin and finish this part of the sun dance which is to bring people to peace. The revival of the sun dance was meant to wake the Lakota people up to the path of peace by the humiliation of the warrior's ego. It seems we have done enough of that now, and it is time to do the other part of the dance which is to bring peace. That is the reason, with Ervin Keeswood's blessing and honoring of me, we are beginning and we will finish the High Star Sun Eagle International Sun Dance For Peace.