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To volunteer for any of these tasks, please contact Karen Peregoy 

with that information and you will be added to the schedule.

(the editing button is for Karen)

Sun Dance Tasks
  Red prayer ties:   Dana and Crew                                          Black prayer ties:      Dana and Crew  
  Yellow prayer ties:   Dana and Crew                                      White prayer ties:     Dana and Crew   
  Painted prayer sticks:    Dana and Crew                                Painted gate posts (2 in each color):  Steve BlueHorse
  Gate flags (2 in each color):                                                Buffalo heart:   Dana Stewart
  Fabric to wrap the tree (blk/red/yel/wht): Diane Smith   Chokecherry Juice: 
  Buffalo skulls (1):                                                                Bringing sage:    
  Bringing cedar:                                                                      Tree Prayer flags (9 ft long):       
  Scalpels, gloves, etc.:                                                           Chokecherry Bundle:    Steve BlueHorse
  Sweat stones:                                                                        Cedar Bags:                   Should have from last year